I started on YouTube in 2007 and wanted the name shidosha as I had used that username for years, but it was taken. I added an x to the end as my brother had done when his username was taken (musashi to musashix).

I planned to upload video game footage to that account as my brother had done, but after just a few videos I stopped. Years later after I finished college, I began to capture footage on video games I was playing with a new HD capture device. Once I got a job, however, I’ve slowed down tremendously. Since creating videos is time consuming, I’ve created this blog.

Primarily, I’m writing to myself. If you happen to see this blog, I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment if you’d like. Just don’t be surprised when I’m surprised. I have played video games as a kid from Atari (a little from Pre-Atari) through to the modern generation. I love video games, and as a fan of classical music, I really took to video game music early on. I’ll discuss video games and their music here.


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