VGM – Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Good and Evil was originally released for the PC, Playstation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. It was rereleased in HD as Beyond Good and Evil HD for the XBOX360 and Playstation 3 as a downloadable game.

For those who have played this game, it’s hard to really describe what makes the story special. But believe me, this game has a fan following for a reason. The story and world inside always reminded me of a Disney movie. Heck, it would have made a great movie I think! This adventure game has a world you can really immerse yourself into. The music lends itself to that as well.

In short, you are trying to uncover a government scandal while trying to provide for children that live in an orphenage you run. Credit to Michel Ancel to the story, but credit to Christophe Héral for the soundtrack.

Many of the songs in the soundtrack contain ambience and odd sounds that create the atmosphere in the game – sneaking around behind the government in strange, unusual factories. Everyone has their preferences, and out of the soundtrack I only pay attention to a few songs. But two songs in this soundtrack are among the best music I’ve heard in my life.

Mammago’s Garage is a fun tune with an islands touch as it’s the theme of some Rhino-type creatures that run an auto-shop. Thoughtful reflections is a very relaxing, slow, simple song where Jade (main character) would almost throw in the towel on her endeavors. Also enjoyable is Redemption, which is a fitting song that the game could end to that contains the main melody to Beyond Good and Evil hummed by what sounds like a child. Hyllian Suite is the song to your home, where the game slows down and first lets you explore. Home Sweet Home is the theme when you are traveling around in your boat, and this is what plays when you first look into the world. These two songs alone capture your attention and sets you up for something that’s really special.

On my YouTube channel, I rarely show video game music because I get enough copyright flags as is. I made an exception for that on this game because it’s often overlooked and very special. Hyllian Suite (powered by stringed instruments and some sort of beautiful asian-sounding flute) and Home Sweet Home (piano and violens) are both A+ songs in their own right – the finest of music in video games in my opinion.


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Video game addict that can enjoy a video game's music as much as the gameplay itself. I play a variety of genres for a variety of age groups. I started playing video games on the original Pong device, then to Atari and Colecovision, then on to Nintendo and so forth. I've owned almost everything, including less popular systems like the Game Gear, Sega CD, Sega 32X and more.
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