Launching onto WordPress

I am creating this WordPress blog as a way for me to express my thoughts when I am unable to create videos for YouTube. I spend a lot of time on computers that do not have Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere, and I can spend some time writing.

I am by no means a talented writer or an expert on video games or music. This blog is created for my own reading and enjoyment where I can express my own opinions. In this blog I will be writing almost entirely on two subjects: Video Games, and their music. Video game music is overlooked and, for me at least, the quality of a game’s soundtrack is in direct connection with how well I remember the game itself.

If you go on YouTube and watch videos on individual songs inside certain video game titles, you often times see top comments on how much the listener misses the game and their childhood of gaming. Once you grow up, as I myself have, you simply do not have enough time to play all the games you went, and even less time to go back and beat games you already have 10 years or so ago. Due to this, I keep my favorite soundtracks around and it brings me the satisfaction only music can bring.


About shidoshax

Video game addict that can enjoy a video game's music as much as the gameplay itself. I play a variety of genres for a variety of age groups. I started playing video games on the original Pong device, then to Atari and Colecovision, then on to Nintendo and so forth. I've owned almost everything, including less popular systems like the Game Gear, Sega CD, Sega 32X and more.
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